Wellness Kits Receive Supply Chain Support During Pandemic | Healthcare

11/30/2020 RRD

Wellness Kits Receive Supply Chain Support During Pandemic | Healthcare

Healthcare organization sought support to deliver 3 million wellness kits to vulnerable members 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the world’s leading healthcare companies wanted to send approximately 3 million wellness kits to their most vulnerable members. 

These kits would contain specially curated, over-the-counter items to support members with simple self-care at home. Producing such a high volume of wellness kits, however, brought with it a number of supply chain challenges in the following areas: 

  • Time sensitivity and scale – Production of close to three million wellness kits needed to take place over a compressed three month period. 
  • Capacity – The company needed a partner who could quickly ramp up significant capacity. 
  • Regulations – The wellness kits needed to be produced in a regulatory-compliant facility. 
  • Personnel – A rapid hiring initiative would be necessary to support production during a global pandemic.
  • Material constraints – Difficulties obtaining welcome pack materials due impart to COVID-19.  


The healthcare company turned to RRD for supply chain support and our solutions experts developed a highly scalable, multi-site solution which incorporated: 

  • Sourcing and inventory management of all 57 million wellness kit components (including lot/expiry traceability for all orders).
  • Packaging design and production of a new gift box.
  • Automatic processing by RRD’s IT systems, with full database integration, reporting, and archiving.
  • All wellness pack production completed within RRD’s regulatory-compliant HIPAA and cGMP facilities.
  • Assembly, kitting, and packaging (pack-out) of wellness kits with an RRD-produced brochure added.
  • Delivery fulfillment of welcome packs to homes of healthcare members.

Implementing a “control tower” approach would allow for optimal management of inbound supply and a complex supplier map that would ultimately realize better alignment with production.


Thanks to RRD’s ideal positioning and close collaboration with the client, we were able to execute on the ambitious goal to deliver close to three million wellness packs in a very short time frame. The key to the success of this project was the alignment and communication between the client and RRD.

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