Digimag® Helps Organization Optimize Member-Volunteer Communications, Spread Hope | Nonprofit

9/21/2022 RRD

Digimag® Helps Organization Optimize Member-Volunteer Communications, Spread Hope | Nonprofit

Self-service editorial portal and optimal mobile UX modernize communications and provide substantial savings


A more than century-old global foundation supporting humanitarian efforts relied on country-based print magazines to communicate success stories to paid subscribers and volunteers. Written by mostly volunteer editors across 35 countries, the cost of publishing and shipping the magazine was becoming a financial burden for the nonprofit’s global chapters. 

Additionally, the foundation was seeking ways to align with current content consumption trends across different cultures and generations. News was increasingly being read on mobile devices, which left the foundation open to a more technologically-forward solution to decrease costs and still reach their intended reader base.  


RRD’s Digimag® became a cost-effective, full-service solution to generate digital editions of the foundation’s magazines and ensure they were optimized for screens of all types. The foundation adopted a blended cost-effective model, which led to a combination of select printed magazines and the rest as digimags.

RRD developed a comprehensive deployment plan, including project management support, training, and a self-service model for publishing content via Digimag. The digital magazine editions are sent via email or push notification through a native app, and a custom analytics dashboard helps guide future editorial content and advertising placements. 

Due to readers in more vulnerable nations not having access to computers, Digimag’s best-in-class mobile version became a user experience that proved critical for the foundation.


Since 2016, volunteer editors from 35 countries have adopted the Digimag platform. Additional wins from this project include:

  • $1MM estimated annual cost savings, reallocated to humanitarian efforts
  • 10,000 member-volunteers read the magazines weekly
  • Increased accessibility for vulnerable populations

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