E-Commerce Site Scales to Deliver Large Volumes of 3D Models | Retail

2/26/2021 RRD

E-Commerce Site Scales to Deliver Large Volumes of 3D Models | Retail

RRD aligned human expertise with a custom software solution to render thousands of models accurately, on-time 


A large, North American e-commerce retailer needed to deliver 1,000 3D models per month for its furniture and home products line of business. The high volume of assets was impossible to convert with their internal team. 

This internal obstacle pushed the retailer to seek a creative services partner to provide the scale and resources needed. Virtual store openings were on the rise, which meant that asset volumes kept increasing. They needed a solution quickly.  


Acknowledging the project’s scale and urgency, RRD leveraged its pool of resources with strong domain knowledge and 3D design tools. Supplemented with a tailored industry-standard software solution, RRD was able to ensure a lean pipeline and competitive pricing.

RRD assembled a team of designers, project managers as well as quality control protocols for this project. They handled the complex 3D design and process workflow, including modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, and rendering. Quality and timeliness were uncompromised.

In addition to the e-commerce-ready 3D models and photorealistic rendering, RRD's full-spectrum 3D solutions included:

  • End-to-end support of the product/business lifecycle, from concept to customer
  • Process-driven design and prototyping workflow
  • Custom-built solutions offering 3D experiences
  • A global workforce to deliver outstanding output aligned with international standards  


RRD was successful and highly capable of converting an increasingly high volume of image assets to 3D models for e-commerce purposes. In creating and consistently providing over 1,000 3D models (monthly) with 100% on-time delivery, the RRD solution achieved:

  • 90% approval rate
  • 46% first pass yield (FPY)
  • Increase in team strength, growing the number of 3D artists from approximately 20 to more than 100 artists in seven months time

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