Customer Journey Mapping Guides Account Opening Process | Financial Services

3/1/2021 RRD

Customer Journey Mapping Guides Account Opening Process | Financial Services

Customer journey mapping guides roadmap for process redesign


With an abandonment rate as high as 90% for online account opening, one of the largest banks in the U.S. recognized the need to align with a partner who could help create a seamless, end-to-end, “digital first” customer experience. This would enable the bank to empower customers to start or expand their relationship with the financial institution when and how they chose.


For the banking giant to significantly improve how customers open new accounts online (e.g., deposits, credit cards and loans) for six of its affiliates, RRD Marketing Solutions created an omnichannel account opening platform through a mobile-first approach. Designed for personal and small business customers, this experience encompassed multiple user touchpoints via web, mobile and tablet, as well as internal branch and call center.

Simplified and shortened, this redesigned new account opening process would reduce abandonment rates, increase conversion, improve the user experience and, ultimately, lead to the increased use of digital banking solutions.

This multi-year effort required us to determine the best customer experience for each channel and product category through:

  • Secondary research
  • Stakeholder and user interviews
  • Persona development
  • Customer journey mapping (for each product)
  • Information architecture, product screen flows, wireframes and prototypes
  • Content strategy, copywriting and creative design
  • Iterative and validation usability testing

Client stakeholders and product experts were brought in to go through processes and map out known concerns,  system limitations, and technical requirements for the various products and journeys.  Actual customer and prospect sessions — representing nearly every segment of the client’s footprint — were then conducted to validate those journeys.

In the end, more than 115 users of the new system were included in the research, helping redefine the user experience. 


In the end, a simplified and shortened new account opening process was achieved. The customer journey mapping served as the guiding roadmap for the redesign initiative and a guide to customer sentiments. This proved vital to steering the project to success. After the launch of first phase consumer facing applications, initial results included:

  • 37% reduction in abandonment
  • 54% increase in online account openings

With a vastly improved customer experience for new account openings, our client has increased net revenue and reduced operational costs by growing new and existing business.


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