Direct Marketing Innovation Enhances Subscription Engagement | Retail


Direct Marketing Innovation Enhances Subscription Engagement | Retail

RRD’s Direct Marketing Group deploys strategic creative and testing solutions, boosting response for leading subscription brand


A leading global direct-to-consumer subscription service sought to increase prospective subscriber engagement. The company had effectively explored a myriad of digital outreach methods, but now sought a way to supplement those efforts with direct mail to reach customers tangibly in their homes.

In addition to acquisition efforts, the company aimed to launch supplemental campaigns focused on the reactivation of prior customers. Lacking an internal team, they sought external direct marketing expertise to ensure all programming would remain consistent, creative, and effective in reaching their intended audience.


The company entrusted RRD’s Direct Marketing Group (DMG) with creating a robust acquisition and reactivation engagement strategy. For nearly a decade now, RRD’s DMG has been instrumental in evolving and refining the company’s direct mail channel strategy, acting as a strategic consultant and key collaborator.

Initially, a simple self-mailer and pop-up mailer were deployed, including a basic 6x9 kit with a letter and free item. Over time, this evolved into a continuous monthly engagement, rigorously testing varied offers and outer envelopes and introducing new creative and gifts each month based on those results.

The collaboration expanded to develop multiple acquisition packages and reactivation efforts. In time, offer personalization showed success, and the teams found that even minor changes — like adding a personalized Post-it to a package component — could boost response rates by as much as 25%.

Today, the company’s control package incorporates four different paper stocks, a personalized card, an offer, and QR codes managed by RRD. 

Key steps and solutions provided by RRD include:

  • Strategic consultation: tactical insights and consultative analysis, ensuring the company’s deployed campaigns were in line with their ultimate business goals
  • Creative expertise: working closely with internal client teams, RRD’s extensive creative support deployed data-driven messaging, formats, and design — increasing appeal and engagement
  • Efficient direct mail solutions: leveraging pre-established control packages from extensive testing, the company experiences quicker market penetration and increased subscriber engagement
  • Support for new brands: RRD’s strategic assistance helped launch five new brands, enabling rapid growth by capitalizing on the successes of established controls


RRD’s direct marketing expertise has helped the company far exceed their initiatives. Key results include:

  • 25% lift in one of the control campaigns, indicating a stronger connection with subscribers
  • Successful launch and promotion of five new brands
  • Established controls, leading to substantial cost savings 
  • Continuous testing, ensuring continuous performance improvements
  • Increased market reach due to extensive direct mail efforts
  • Brand and creative consistency across all campaigns

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