High-Quality Protective Packaging Ensures Test Kits Safely Reach Customers | Healthcare


High-Quality Protective Packaging Ensures Test Kits Safely Reach Customers | Healthcare

RRD’s packaging expertise enables agency to meet pharma client’s accelerated timelines


A leading marketing agency sought an external partner for support in launching a product demo kit for a large pharmaceutical client. While the agency felt confident meeting the client’s creative and marketing needs, they needed help meeting the launch’s production schedule and kitting requirements — including 40,000 rigid box kits complete with foam inserts.

In addition, it was critical that the kits could not only accommodate the medical device pieces, but could also keep the fragile components safe until they were presented to the test kits’ end users. Overall, the agency sought a quality product and a smooth production process from a trusted partner.


In order to craft a high-quality product that showcased the client's branding and color requirements while also meeting their timeline, the agency turned to RRD. RRD’s packaging experts worked closely with internal client teams and a foam supplier to produce the final kits, which featured spot UV enhancements to accentuate the overall design.

In the midst of the project’s timeline, however, the design firm alerted RRD that some kits were needed immediately — their client would be attending a trade show and wanted to display the test kits for prospective customers. 

To meet this challenge, RRD utilized its digital printing capabilities to quickly produce an alternative packaging shell that would be ready in time for the client’s trade show. In addition, RRD collaborated with their foam supplier to produce foam inserts that would work within the new alternative packaging. 


RRD was able to meet the agency’s packaging needs for the project’s original timeline — and produce and deliver alternative packaging for the end client’s trade show. The partnership with RRD also achieved the following:

  • Met the client’s original timeline
  • Met the client’s advanced tradeshow deadline
  • Met the client’s budget
  • Met client’s exact color and branding requirements
  • 40,000 rigid box test kits produced, kitted, and sent to the end client

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