In-Line Solution Maintains Print Quality, Reduces Costs | Healthcare

12/20/2019 RRD

In-Line Solution Maintains Print Quality, Reduces Costs | Healthcare

Print and logistics platform affords healthcare magazine a low cost, high quality solution 


Hospitals utilize a variety of marketing vehicles to inform consumers about their services. Many of which integrate print communications, like magazines or newsletters, to reach a larger audience and inform them about their unique services, successful procedures, and health tips. 

One such New York area hospital published a quarterly magazine. Produced by an area printer, this 9-by-12-inch, 20-page print communication was saddle stitched, imaged offline, and mailed to nearby residents. And although satisfied with the quality of the magazine, the hospital was ready to explore new ways to reduce costs.


As RRD closely reviewed the magazine’s production process, potential cost savings were identified within the bindery process. More specifically, it was determined that production costs could be reduced by imaging the mailing address in-line instead of through the current off-line imaging process. 

Following this determination, RRD leveraged its vast print network to identify a print plant as having these in-line capabilities within close proximity.


The in-line process did provide significant cost advantages and, as a result, the hospital decided to move its print business from the area printer to RRD. The RRD plant used to produce the quarterly magazine seamlessly merged two hospital databases, imaged and mailed the magazines to 162,000 recipients. 

For an upcoming edition, RRD delivered additional savings by proposing the magazine reduce its size. In producing a slightly smaller format, the client could take advantage of RRD’s 22¾" web press cut off size, resulting in less paper waste and a more efficient press run.


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