Quick, Accurate Key Packets Program Launched Globally | Hospitality

4/6/2020 RRD

Quick, Accurate Key Packets Program Launched Globally | Hospitality

Global program increases ROI, consistency, and compliance for hotel brand across multiple regions


With more than 5,000 properties worldwide, one global hotel brand sought a solution for their global key packets program that included a variety of needs, including:

  • Production control
  • Warehousing and fulfillment
  • Billing in local currencies
  • In-region customer support

The global brand wanted to quickly and accurately launch this program in multiple regions as needed with no loss on quality or compliance, and ensure that the delivery methods and strategies used provided hotels with the best ROI. At the time, subsidiary brands had their own solution with very little consistency across regions. Usage was not tracked and pricing was inconsistent and poorly optimized for performance. 


RRD developed a solution that provides a global footprint for manufacturing, warehousing, and fulfillment with centralized control for a new key packets program.

First, RRD identified globally-available materials, had them approved by client leadership, and then shipped to a central location for redeployment to global production facilities. RRD also conducted a global assessment to determine global volumes for initial production quantities.

RRD also integrated a global online ordering platform, ConnectOne Storefront, into the client’s existing intranet. The platform was customized for each location, allowing end-users to see only the items, languages, and currencies relevant to them.

The program was executed in all regions simultaneously to ensure competitive pricing, compliance, and consistency.


Approximately 50% savings globally vs. prior solution

EMEA freight review and optimization resulted in savings of 34%

Over 98% compliance, globally

The client can now control the quality and consistency of its key packets production with an integrated, centralized system portal. Improvements in the design, versioning, and packaging has resulted in additional savings over initial RRD quotes in the following regions — Americas (32%), EMEA (43%), and APAC (81%). The global hotel brand also experienced cost avoidance of over $270,000 in years where pricing was held firm in the face of rising raw material prices.


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