Outsourced PDF Tagging Ensures ADA Compliance, Saves Large Company $90K | Financial

2/27/2023 RRD

Outsourced PDF Tagging Ensures ADA Compliance, Saves Large Company $90K | Financial

RRD’s data processing support helps leading financial institution convert and fully tag 1.4MM PDFs to create accessible documents


One of the largest financial companies in the U.S. sought assistance complying with regulations from the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and adding required screen reader tagging to existing documents. Stemming from the ADA, all PDFs are required to have tags in adherence with accessibility standards.

Tagging all of the client’s existing documents presented an extensive undertaking and required significant processing capabilities, and the client did not have the necessary internal resources. Ultimately, they sought external help to convert the documents and ensure compliance.


The client turned to RRD’s Business Communication Solutions (BCS) to provide a comprehensive document conversion service. Within 10 days, RRD had set up a connection with the client’s data processing partner and had received 1.4 MM PDFs with 2.7 MM pages in need of tagging. 

RRD processed and fully tagged each file and returned them to the client in under 24 hours. Due to the success of this partnership, the client sent over another 5 MM PDFs as part of an additional one-time conversation event. They now send RRD all of their new documents to be tagged.


Outsourcing ADA tagging instead of purchasing software to use in-house led to a cost savings of over $90K in software and server capital expenditures. Additional benefits include:

  • Increased ADA compliance
  • Increased accessibility for those with disabilities
  • Fully tagged documents

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