Print Process Simplified to Improve Physician Network Communication | Life Sciences

12/16/2021 RRD

Print Process Simplified to Improve Physician Network Communication | Life Sciences

RRDCare helps client produce targeted, ad hoc mail campaigns faster and more cost effectively


A large health and wellness company produces 400,000+ separate physician contracts, amendments, term letters, and ad hoc letters annually. Each campaign requires manual uploads of artwork and proofs, multiple levels of approvals, and post-campaign performance reports.

This lengthy, cumbersome production workflow required direct communication between individuals via traditional emails and phone calls. The process was systematically flawed as it lacked version control and a chain of custody.

Seeking a more streamlined process, the company turned to RRD Healthcare Solutions to take control of its physician mailing efforts. The client needed help with production, delivery, and internal processes to improve efficiency and reduce overall costs.


RRD conducted an assessment of the specific challenges facing the company, which prompted the recommendation to implement RRDCare to address systemic inefficiencies. This healthcare-specific technology platform would improve the submission, approval process, and status tracking of these small, one-time mailings.

RRDCare made it possible to enter all job information with one interface, enabling the company to:

  • Upload project specifications
  • Attach MS Word, PDF, and mailing files
  • Include expected delivery dates, comments, and PO numbers

Once loaded in RRDCare, the workflow engine of RRDCare managed status updates, notifications, routing, and approval of proofs and comments. As a result, the client could eliminate the use of email related to the processing of these projects. Instead, they have a management interface for tracking jobs in a single place and running activity reports for historical data.


The client has streamlined their ability to produce targeted, ad hoc mail campaigns faster and more cost effectively. Throughout this partnership, RRD Healthcare Solutions helped to:

  • Create: With a custom, centralized interface optimizing document composition, production management, insights, and reporting.
  • Optimize: Handling communications and approval processes through one interface significantly reduced the time it previously took to get work done.
  • Manage: With a dedicated programmer and project manager assigned during the deployment of RRDCare. These team members assist with managing and producing critical mail projects and providing support for RRDCare as needed.
  • Deliver: Handling each step of the company’s physician mailing campaigns from concept to production to final delivery.

RRDCare provided a common interface that can be customized with a variety of order entry forms. This feature allowed the company to centralize the management of one-time mailings across their enterprise.

Through this partnership and the implementation of RRDCare, the client saved both time and money:

  • 25% cost savings producing work
  • 30% reduction of time producing work

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