Single-Source Creative Agency Support Scales Communications Platform | Healthcare


Single-Source Creative Agency Support Scales Communications Platform  | Healthcare

RRD's GO Creative™ streamlines leading healthcare company’s communications strategy in accordance with CMS guidelines   


A leading managed care company providing individual Medicaid and Medicare health insurance faced challenges with their incumbent creative services agency. High costs, outdated technology, and limited opportunities to scale left the agency unable to support the growing company, and the two parted ways.   

The company then faced the challenge of creating and managing their own member communications, client-facing material, open enrollment pieces, and other ad-hoc creative work. To replace the incumbent vendor, the company sought a full-service creative agency to step in as an end-to-end solutions provider. 

Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, it was critical that the incoming vendor would be well-versed in Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines. Additionally, the company was currently working off of a single hard drive filled with a wide assortment of files. They needed assistance organizing and identifying various collateral on the drive in order to increase efficiency and identify a pathway to continued growth. 


The company called on RRD’s GO Creative to take over as a single-source creative agency. Providing scalable support, RRD directly integrated full-time creative account managers into the company’s internal teams, effectively becoming the integral communications partner company was looking for. 

Beginning with ad-hoc work, the RRD team sorted through all content and asset files on the single hard drive and built comprehensive forms for all of the company’s accounts, lines of business, and product types using RRDCare — a proprietary web-based order entry and management system. RRD then worked with internal business units to gather requirements for preferred workflow document identification and internal cost center identification.

Product details were individually typed out, and robust forms were created with up to 50 different versions. Supported products include letters, member communications, annual enrollment documents, banners, posters, magnets, and various point-of-sale materials. RRD also facilitated all accessibility options, including translated, remediated, and large font versions.

RRD then took on all program work for the company’s annual enrollment pieces. Across three key lines of business, RRD helped create up to 150 different form versions in as many as 19 different languages – all accessible and in adherence with CMS guidelines.

Of the nearly 20 states the company serves, seven operate under specific CMS guidelines requiring any production costs paid for with government funds to be spent domestically. To satisfy this requirement, RRD now composes, prints, kits, and ships or electronically distributes collateral within U.S. facilities — all under CMS compliance and with very tight turnaround times.

RRD also built a customized storefront for the company, facilitating on-demand printing for member letters and ID cards. Incorporating the company’s artwork, programming, and data stream, the storefront is a turnkey, full-service solution. Additionally, RRD has facilitated branded execution exercises and marketing campaigns on behalf of the company, as well as supplemental services such as design work and illustration support. 


Acting as an end-to-end creative services agency, RRD’s GO Creative team streamlined the company’s communications platform, updating technology, workflows, and processes to enable growth into new markets. There are now 14 full-time RRD employees managing the account, a substantial increase from just two at the start of the partnership. The solution has also provided:  

  • Cost reductions
  • Increased scale
  • Increased brand compliance and adherence to CMS guidelines
  • Tighter team integration
  • Successful delivery of over 10,000 assets 
  • Shortened 3-5 day turnaround times, depending on document type
  • Up to 125 projects delivered per week
  • 99.9% compliance in meeting strict turnaround requirements
  • First-ever access to detailed reporting and new technologies

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