Single-Source Solution Alleviates Growing Pains, Creates Efficiencies | Healthcare

8/9/2022 RRD

Single-Source Solution Alleviates Growing Pains, Creates Efficiencies | Healthcare

RRD’s holistic platform consolidates multiple vendors to a single provider, establishes significant time savings and complete sales cycle support


An emerging home health company specializing in boutique care services to senior citizens faced internal inefficiencies that stunted customer acquisition efforts. The brand sought a way to efficiently distribute critical sales kits and promotional materials to their approximately 100 locations and 600 sales reps. 

Relying on five separate suppliers to manage five business functions led to internal frustration and failures in consistency, accountability, and reporting transparency specifically related to:

  • Promotional items and apparel
  • Print materials
  • Online storefront
  • Warehousing functions
  • Online payments

In addition to managing multiple narrow-focused vendors, the brand was contending with outdated technology, creating obstacles to a desired path of organic growth and scale via potential acquisitions. While their existing processes were sufficient for a startup, a shift was necessary to reign in untracked spending and empower continued growth.

An employee shortage and changes in decision-making personnel provided additional challenges. Without the proper leadership in place to take accountability and ensure sound business decisions, the company suffered from its own inefficiencies. Eventually, their mission to provide exceptional in-home care suffered, with customers experiencing delays in care, education, and promotional materials.


The company’s new leadership sought one trusted “best-practices advisor” to deploy an effective single-source implementation that could simplify existing processes and remove current service disruptions. They ultimately were looking for better insights, economies of scale, and support in launching an effective digital and print customer acquisition campaign.

As a full-service partner, RRD was able to address these complexities in one fell swoop. Keeping the company’s business goals in mind, RRD worked alongside the client to develop a fully integrated solution to replace inadequate existing supplier functions. Deployments took shape in the form of:

  • A new web tool builder
  • A credit card payments system
  • Printing capabilities, including print-on-demand with dynamic variability
  • Warehousing services
  • Advertising promotions

Equipping the company with the right tools and processes to support their sales team, RRD developed new efficiencies in managing the client’s brand center and allocated a budget for reps. An online portal offering custom skinning, dynamic updating, white labeling, and compliance (needed for license numbers) was also deployed.


RRD’s supplier consolidation led to significant time savings and introduced the brand to previously unused technology, such as print-on-demand feasibility. Our expansive network of capabilities brought their vision to life and ultimately facilitated effective communications. The holistic solution gave brand leadership access to data to utilize in making informed business decisions. It also empowered franchise owners via web-to-print feasibility, and lowered freight costs.

Amid its brand expansion in the healthcare industry, this client has plans to continue turning to RRD’s network as a one-stop shop in its ongoing effort to streamline cumbersome processes and overcome growing pains.

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