Usability Testing Mobile App Drives Adoption | Healthcare

8/15/2019 RRD

Usability Testing Mobile App Drives Adoption | Healthcare

Where simplified UX leads to heightened clickability


During the development phase of UHNow, a new mobile application for University Hospitals Health System, the health care provider sought to thoroughly test the app and also gain constructive consumer feedback regarding its effectiveness.


To ensure a successful go-to-market launch, RRD Marketing Solutions conducted usability testing comprised of 12 users — the majority of which were current or past patients of University Hospitals.

During testing, users were asked to use the app to perform various multi-step tasks, e.g., locate a new primary physician within close proximity and then schedule an appointment with the physician. Following the testing, RRD Marketing Solutions performed an analysis of the results.


208% over the client’s initial goal for app downloads

App retention on iOS is 14% higher than marketplace averages

Top app activities were identified: appointment schedule scans, location searches, and providers found

To simplify the user experience as well as increase the UHNow app’s perceived clickability, University Hospitals implemented the following RRD Marketing Solutions recommendations:

  • Removed underutilized app features
  • Streamlined process improvements for finding a doctor or location
  • Improved design and visibility of key icons and calls-to-action

Three months following the implementation of these recommendations, these stand-out metrics have surfaced.


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