Boosting Response Rates with Eye Tracking Tech | Education

8/15/2019 RRD

Boosting Response Rates with Eye Tracking Tech | Education

Highly successful multivariate test-and-learn strategies


As one of the largest for-profit child care providers in North America, this leader in early child education and family care services manages three seasonal acquisition campaigns via direct mail. With prospective customers across five brands and 900+ schools, the company wanted to test several direct mail offerings.


RRD Marketing Solutions (RRD-MS) conducted usability testing with eye tracking to identify areas of focus and items that were missed or unclear to recipients. Users were also able to physically interact with the pieces of mail to further evaluate the look, feel and format. Participants ranked all mail pieces in order of preference, and talked through their rationale.

Based on user feedback, RRD-MS identified areas for potential improvement and proposed several changes. One notable recommendation was to create pieces without a discount offer — an approach never considered by the child care provider.


3.2 million direct mail pieces mailed

19% lift in enrollment rates over the control group

30% overall ROI, with some segments reaching 185% ROI

After implementing multivariate test-and-learn strategies, the organization experienced a multitude of successes across the winter, summer and back-to-school campaigns.


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