Communications Assessment, Overhaul Provides Over $1MM in Savings | Financial Services


Communications Assessment, Overhaul Provides Over $1MM in Savings | Financial Services

RRD’s comprehensive analysis uncovers digital opportunities and extensive cost savings for leading investment company


A large U.S.-based financial investment company sought a qualified consulting group to assess their current communications strategy and digital communications state. After years with a primarily print communication design and platform, they felt it was time to enhance their digital options.  

As it stood, the firm was utilizing print output and print to PDF conversion for archival purposes and e-presentment. They realized it was time to thoroughly assess current operations both internally and from an external perspective in order to remain competitive in the industry. 

The company desired a full review of their existing composition platform and communication strategy in order to better serve their customers.


The firm partnered with RRD’s digital communications management experts to achieve this in-depth analysis. For 10 weeks, the RRD team interviewed key owners within the company to fully understand their existing systems and pain points. They also held focus groups within the marketing and customer support teams to better understand the firm’s goals toward a digital transformation and the current state of customer interactions.

The team uncovered a need to redesign documents based on a digital-first design, improving the customer's print experience. The deployed redesign would produce a more natural digital experience as opposed to their traditional print-centric design.


The RRD assessment resulted in a new digital-first design, digital-first delivery capabilities, a preference and consent management platform, plus a detailed implementation schedule including a timeline and forecasted cost structure. Along with an overall shorter document length, the recommendations are saving the client $1.3 million annually.   

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