Conference Benefits From Single Source Solution for Print Materials | Events

1/6/2021 RRD

Conference Benefits From Single Source Solution for Print Materials | Events

RRD’s trusted experts provide proactive service for event materials management 


Conference organizers often face the task of sourcing a reliable vendor for print needs — e.g., booklets, posters, or handouts — in the event’s host city, as well as timely delivery.

An organizer for a recent large conference with 2,500+ delegates needed a print solution for its presenters. They were seeking one source who could work directly with each of the presenters and provide services including pricing, assistance with file preparation, printing, on-time delivery, and billing. Each presenter was to be billed individually and separately from the conference organizer.  


RRD worked with the conference organizer to build a page on the conference's website specifically for presenters who needed to order print materials for breakout sessions. The webpage showed the format and requirements for printing — including a helpful template — and also provided RRD’s print manager as a direct contact.

Our print manager worked with each presenter to provide pricing and assistance with their conference materials. Services included content design, file formatting, printing, kitting, and shipping to the conference venue, ensuring that it was clearly labeled and delivered to the correct location.

RRD’s print management solution for presenters removed the burden from the conference organizer, freeing their time and allowing them to focus on other important areas of the event.

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