Creative Rotation Strategy Avoids Format Fatigue, Lifts Response | Telecom

8/31/2022 RRD

Creative Rotation Strategy Avoids Format Fatigue, Lifts Response | Telecom

Ever-changing and intriguing direct mail format rotation


A national telecommunications company mails tens of millions of pieces of mail each month offering their services to consumers who aren’t currently subscribers and also to cross-sell and up-sell those who are. Due to the large volume of mail sent out trying to convert customers, they are vigilant about format fatigue and always looking for inventive ideas to test into their creative rotation cadence.


direct mail format for telecom offerRRD collaborated with this client to develop direct mail campaigns with unique formats and innovative personalization techniques. A recent, successful example includes a letter-sized envelope kit with:

  • Die-cut window showing through to a peek-a-boo visual of a yellow note stick
  • Extra-long note stick reiterating the exclusive offer using black ProteusJet™ imaging for variable messaging
  • Personalized letter outlining custom offers
  • Fully variable outer envelope for dynamic messaging and brand versioning

An extensive amount of imaging was built into this format to accommodate version changes in-line for variable brand logos, offers, and localization techniques. This in-line production allowed large quantities to be produced in a short window of time. Additionally, multiple presses ran simultaneously to shorten production time even further and allowed for the freshest data to be used each month.


20% lift in response over control

Shortened production time for roll-out in quantities of millions

Stable rotation of winning formats to avoid format fatigue

Before a roll-out of more than 20MM, the example above was first tested in smaller batches to determine how well it performed. A back test confirmed results. This yellow note stick package achieved a hefty 20% lift in response over the current control.

Through RRD’s creative rotation strategy, this telecommunications client purposefully rotates a stable of winning formats to avoid format fatigue. Although the offer remains somewhat consistent, it is delivered in ever-changing and intriguing format styles.


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