Large Value Chain Gains Store-Specific Shelf Edge Efficiencies | Retail

12/16/2021 RRD

Large Value Chain Gains Store-Specific Shelf Edge Efficiencies | Retail


Trusted partnership reduces time and labor for more than 8,000 store locations


One of the nation’s fastest-growing value and convenience retailers with more than 8,000 locations had adopted increasingly complex pricing and visual merchandising. They needed to find a vendor partner that could be nimble with pricing materials and store planograms, which would require flawless management of the chain’s data composition files.

Finding a trusted partner for data composition needs is no small task. With a high level of risk involved, the chosen vendor needed to be a long-standing and proven ally with an inherent nimbleness to keep pace with an ever-evolving brand (e.g., new attributes, new logo, new promotion, etc.).

With error-prone processes involved in data composition, mismanagement could have dire bottom-line consequences for the entire chain of stores. In this potentially perilous space, this retailer needed a partner they knew they could trust to understand their challenges.


RRD and this retailer formed a partnership built around trust. RRD enabled a new, proactive approach to regain internal control of merchandising decisions with confidence and accuracy. 

Working collaboratively with RRD afforded this client the freedom to optimize each store’s merchandising materials. With the ability to customize and execute store-specific plans, each location would now receive only the materials they needed — a welcome new measure of efficiency. Store-specific pricing was also activated to capture the most revenue and remove the need for clustering and versioning.

Assuring safety for the client’s data was a top priority. Initially supporting ad hoc requests, RRD proved safe execution, while minimizing risk to data programs, which enabled more store-specific processes to be added. As the retailer’s confidence grew, so did RRD’s role as the sole data processor and printer. They came to rely on RRD’s steadfast commitment to customer support.


This retailer now communicates with one vendor for all data processing and print needs. This programmatic approach allows individual stores to get exactly what they need: 

  • Less signage printed, which translated into more revenue captured
  • Increased margins of program overall
  • Reduced store labor for associates

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