Personalized Coupon Booklets Boost Redemption Rates | Grocery

1/2/2020 RRD

Personalized Coupon Booklets Boost Redemption Rates | Grocery

High-volume, highly-flexible personalized print optimizes coupon offers


This supermarket retailer was actively focusing on customer loyalty and effectively targeting individual customers based on previous purchasing behaviors and known customer data. The client was seeking a larger production solution for 466,000 coupon booklets personalized for individuals.

Due to the amount of customization involved in each booklet, data management and speed of production were problematic. Vendors typically required a minimum 50-day span to print, finish and mail. The retailer needed a more flexible solution that would yield a faster time to market.


Leveraging digital inkjet web printing, advanced data management software and in-house mailing, RRD was able to produce and mail the variable coupon booklets in 10 days. The unprecedented run speeds of inkjet technology and the ability to print variable content on every page provided quick, accurate printing of personalized offers while ensuring short delivery timelines for future large volume campaigns.

RRD’s investment in an eye tracking system ensured that the personalized records were meticulously tracked throughout production. This facilitated a secure process from production, sheeting and finishing for an accurately completed mailing.


36% jump in the participation rate

Coupon redemption rates doubled

85% jump in incremental sales

The results of this high-volume direct mail campaign utilizing personalized print coupled with optimized coupon offer were exceedingly positive.

The optimization leveraged the recipient’s known individual purchasing behaviors. The campaign was measured against the results of a control group of equal size who received a non-personalized, static offer. With variable/personalized offers, both the participation rate and incremental sales jumped.

The client fully realized the value of engaging customers with relevant offers that matched buying behaviors and leveraged consumer insights. The capability of this solution resulted in a corporate decision to discontinue future static mailers and include all their divisions in the next variable data direct mail campaign.


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