Consolidating Multi-Million Dollar Global Print Spend | Manufacturing

1/2/2020 RRD

Consolidating Multi-Million Dollar Global Print Spend | Manufacturing

Simplifying seven distinct processes into a single stream of print efficiency 


When one of the industry’s largest electrical equipment suppliers approached us to consolidate its multi-million dollar print spend, we were eager to help.

Selling products in 180 countries worldwide, they operated as seven independent companies, each with its own marketing department, purchasing practices, vendor relationships, job tracking and reporting. The supplier sought a solution to operate print and fulfillment more efficiently, accurately and cost effectively.


To begin simplifying this complexity, RRD performed a thorough assessment of the corporation’s processes and recommended a series of sophisticated printing and fulfillment capabilities that included:

  • A custom Web2Print fulfillment site for efficient, online ordering of corporate identity materials
  • Transitioning technical literature production to our digital print-on-demand platform to reduce obsolescence and waste
  • Access to knowledgeable consultants who continually add value with new thinking on production methods that save money


$338k saved in the first year

22% cost reduction

3-6% annual savings on current projects

With seven independent companies now working together under one master vendor relationship, a more collaborative environment helped drive first-year savings of $338,000 — a 22% improvement. And current projects realize 3-6% savings per year.

With documented standard operating procedures for purchasing plus integrated job tracking and reporting, the company now benefits from better information and controls. They also have daily emails updating project status and detailed monthly reports that show orders and associated costs across all seven companies.

In addition to savings and convenience, the customized Web2Print site has delivered greater brand consistency for corporate identity materials as well.


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