Optimized ANOC Process Meets CMS Criteria, Improves ROI | Health Insurance

8/5/2021 RRD

Optimized ANOC Process Meets CMS Criteria, Improves ROI | Health Insurance

Following years of costly mistakes, Medicare insurance provider given keys to manage ANOC process more effectively


Anyone who works as a Medicare insurance provider contends with “annual notice of change” (ANOC) season. ANOCs are a crucial staple in helping insurers communicate with their members, outlining any plan changes for the year. They are required by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Multiple pressures make this one of the most challenging exercises that insurers undertake all year. They face speed-to-market, zero-fault accuracy, CMS regulatory compliance, and the need for significant ROI.

A large Medicare Advantage provider needed a way to manage their ANOC process more effectively. Some companies include marketing collateral in their ANOC mailing, but this insurer treats ANOC mailings as a strict compliance exercise. The primary goal is to accurately meet CMS deadlines and messaging requirements at the lowest possible cost.

Through the years, due to certain challenges, the insurer was unable to meet certain requirements. They missed key mailing windows, which resulted in more expensive postal rates to satisfy CMS-mandated in-home dates.

Their size and coverage area span several states, requiring support from a provider with capabilities of broad scale and scope.


RRD developed a comprehensive program for the insurer that proactively addressed every aspect of their process. From receipt of fully-composed PDF files to final delivery, accurate ANOCs would be delivered on time and on budget. Program capabilities included:

  • Translation into required threshold languages
  • Book optimization through material suggestions, static cover art, and elimination of outer envelopes
  • Freight optimization through our extensive logistics platform to consolidate mail and get each piece closer to its final destination
  • Piece-level reporting to instill confidence that ANOCs are completed accurately, on time, and on budget


After seven ANOC seasons, the insurer increased volume:

  • From 1 million units to 5 million units produced at 10 RRD Healthcare Solutions facilities nationwide
  • A 2.5 million unit increase occurred in the most recent plan year

By leveraging RRD’s depth of platform and experience in the healthcare industry, the client continues to improve their processes.

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