Real-Time POS Solution Enables In-Store Signed Service Agreements | Telecom

5/28/2021 RRD

Real-Time POS Solution Enables In-Store Signed Service Agreements | Telecom

Robust solution provides a rapid response with improved security levels and complete back up 


With the quickly approaching release date for a new product, a large Canadian telecommunications company wanted to redesign its service agreements to provide in-store customers an improved experience.  Specifically, the company was interested in enabling its employees in retail stores and kiosks to complete customer purchases that included signed service agreements at the point of sale.

For this project, the company looked at several suppliers. RRD had an existing relationship with this client providing composition services related to other transactional documents.

Ultimately, the contract for the composition of these electronic service agreements was awarded to RRD based on several factors, including the success of the existing relationship. Other key factors why RRD was selected as the vendor of choice for this project included: 

  • Expertise in the composition of this type of document
  • Familiarity with the client’s internal business practices
  • Proven flexibility and efficiency in delivering other projects
  • Completed security audits  


RRD’s Business Communications IT team developed a highly complex electronic solution for this telecom client’s service agreements at point of sale. The most unique element regarding this solution is the real-time composition of documents. Retail customers are now able to come into stores (or visit kiosks in shopping centres) to purchase services including the new product offerings, and receive a completed PDF contract or invoice within seconds.

The client’s employees enter the customer’s personal and transaction data into the POS system; that data is immediately forwarded to one of RRD’s two servers in Toronto or Montreal. At this point the document is composed with the Open Text information management tool.

RRD’s robust solution provides a rapid response with complete back up — if one server fails, the data is immediately processed by the second mirror server. The document is composed at RRD and within seconds the service agreement is returned in encrypted PDF format to the point of sale.

As failover processes are in place, our client is able to provide continuous access of the service to their customers.  RRD also provides a help desk solution, which is utilized for training and troubleshooting if the retail employee has an issue during the provision of service to customers.


Through the delivery of this robust solution, our client’s requirements for completion of service agreements was met. Additionally, RRD provided:

  • Improved security levels with SSL encryption,  validation of digital signatures, and the ability to detect any changes to the source file
  • Processing speed enhancements and 99.99% uptime
  • Enhanced high priority composition platform
  • Ability to receive and compose a high volume of requests concurrently

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