Health Plan Gains Efficiency Overhaul for Document Management | Insurance

1/20/2021 RRD

Health Plan Gains Efficiency Overhaul for Document Management | Insurance

RRD team provides transformative solutions for a growing volume of Medicare plan documents and processes 


A mid-size health insurance carrier struggled with the creation and versioning of their Medicare compliance documents. They were contending with an increase in the number of plans offered and a decrease in the internal resources available to complete the necessary documents. 

Teams across the organization were facing compressed timelines, which led to significant inefficiencies. This group was also seeking a better way to leverage data from their CMS bid submission to help drive the variable content in their ANOCs, EOCs, and SBs.  


RRD infused three key elements to the existing workflow: technology, people, and process. This infusion enabled the client to spend time equally among all of the AEP materials needed, rather than dedicating a hyper-focus to ANOCs and EOCs due to compliance pressure and deadlines. 


RRD introduced purpose-built document creation software to eliminate their practice of circulating Word documents for version control. This software enables universal changes to master documents to flow to all connected documents. Additionally, RRD’s software:

  • Combines the CMS model with previous plan year documents, allowing the client’s small team to focus on what changed versus what did not
  • Ingests bid data and other plan data (such as phone numbers) creating a single source for information
  • Creates large-format versions so the TOC and formatting automatically flow and are ready when standard versions become complete
  • Allows multi-department, collaborative proofing and reporting to eliminate version control issues


RRD’s expert team augmented the efforts of a single person, preventing bottlenecks and filling in gaps where necessary. Our role included:

  • Preparing master documents for each model document for the new year
  • Implementing pre-built, standard logic for versioning
  • Mapping CMS data, working with the client to review their CMS Microsoft Access bid data, and automating a data load process to feed the variable benefit values into the proper document versions (this automation reduced manual copying time by 12 business days during July and August)


Thanks to many years of experience in the field, RRD’s approach to health plan administration management enabled:

  • Completion of tasks off-season to ensure necessary preparation for when a model is released
  • Establishment of business rules to effectively drive the technology and parent/child relationship between the master plan and its versions 
  • Creation of proofing workflows to ensure routing rules were established when it came time to share proofs with other teams

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RRD delivered a solution set that enabled vast improvements and on-time, accurate document delivery in the client’s existing workflow processes.  

For instance, alternate document formats (such as large print or 508c versions) are now completed simultaneously with standard versions, eliminating the need for time-consuming remediation. Additionally, the client team can focus on only relevant content blocks and avoid the distraction of an entire document by leveraging CMS bid data to drive plan benefits with the documents.  

In year two and beyond, the client will pick up where they left off, retaining the established logic and variable mapping. 

By implementing RRD’s software solution, this client has also come to adopt an important perspective: the data and content within the ANOC, EOC and SB can be used to create and version so many other plan documents and materials for next season preparation. Moving forward, this Medicare team will utilize RRD’s tools and approach to create and version their sales and marketing materials.


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