Superfulfillment Key to Custom Marketing, Self-Service Ordering, Consolidation | Financial Services

10/6/2022 RRD

Superfulfillment Key to Custom Marketing, Self-Service Ordering, Consolidation | Financial Services

Personalized marketing materials with assured WCAG compliance are made readily available via a fully integrated solution


A leading financial services company was looking to replace and modernize its internally-built mechanisms for printing variable marketing materials. The existing systems, including an in-house print shop with working personnel, were not in alignment with their core businesses and were straining available resources. The brand sought a partner with an established, self-service solution to help keep pace with:

  • Evolving technology
  • Demand for a positive user experience
  • Brand consistency
  • Regulatory compliance 

The company was in the process of building out a marketing communications tech stack that included CRM, marketing automation, and new programming. They sought a print execution hub to connect all of these resources. Additional ways to improve the accessibility of their marketing materials, including incorporating digital tagging and other WCAG requirements, were also needed.


Ultimately seeking a solution that would align with a company-wide vision of marketing flexibility and personalization, this client turned to RRD. With a well established relationship (15+ years) across several business functions, RRD stepped in to engineer a flexible solution that could integrate with the company’s existing technology. 

RRD developed and implemented a user-friendly Superfulfillment automated print solution, which was then integrated into the client's existing systems over a 12-month period. RRD worked closely with the marketing operations team to ensure a smooth migration from the old system to the modernized, self-service operation ensured brand consistency and compliance.

Through an intuitive interface, the Superfulfillment tool allows users to order marketing, enrollment, and sales materials tailored specifically to their customers. Salespeople, for instance, can order custom proposals for a specific upcoming meeting, or users can request enrollment kits containing items directly related to a specific case. Predetermined business rules built into the system automatically create personalized kits or documents governed by relevant restrictions. 

RRD then distributes these documents either digitally (email) or via print and mail. For digital documents, RRD introduced and implemented RemediAd, a solution providing compliant, accurate, and customizable documents, allowing for digital inclusivity and WCAG regulatory compliance. 


RRD’s Superfulfillment solution has evolved to become a catch-all platform for the brand’s core physical marketing communications, and has provided this long-standing client the following benefits:

  • Reduced print buyers from 42 down to 4
  • Saved $800K/year in administrative costs
  • Cost savings due to reduced waste via print-on-demand functionality 
  • Reallocated internal resources to focus on core business functions 
  • Cost savings due to printing less and working toward full digital transformation

As their partnership evolves, RRD continues to have dedicated resources that strategically and operationally service this client. 

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