RRD Facility Spotlight: Veritas Document Solutions

10/12/2022 RRD

RRD Facility Spotlight: Veritas Document Solutions

In Buffalo Grove, IL — just 30 miles northwest of Downtown Chicago — sits Veritas Document Solutions. This RRD footprint is a highly secured, 300,000-square-foot facility engineered to provide the highest levels of targeted communications (both print and digital) for a variety of industries including insurance, finance, human resources, and healthcare.

Ask one of the many subject matter experts on staff what it is that sets this facility apart and odds are the answer will look something like this: “We don’t place our clients into a box — we lead with them.”

To better understand how they make good on this bold statement, Veritas Plant President Tom Hawkins set aside some time to talk through his facility’s commitment to driving innovation as a way to support their clients in demanding, highly-regulated markets.

What about this facility makes it unique in the current marketplace?

Tom Hawkins (TH): Our technology makes it possible for us to design industry-specific solutions — whether it’s for healthcare, insurance, or financial services — that not only meet our clients’ needs throughout the lifecycle of the project, but also ensure extreme scalability and efficiency on our end.

As a great example of that, we engineered a deployment solution to distribute our clients’ messaging more effectively, across multiple channels, and by utilizing their own workflows. We build around a client’s predefined practices and create a customized, automated workflow solution that brings multichannel capabilities to an integrated, easy-to-use, self-service interface.

And from a personnel standpoint, we have a staff that includes more than 50 developers, business analysts, and application support individuals, all dedicated to optimizing this technology for our clients. 

Can you share a recent client project where RRD technology played a critical role?

TH: One that comes to mind immediately is for a client in the annuities space. This top U.S. annuity company lacked the internal IT resources and faced challenges managing a large volume of consumer-facing marketing collateral governed by strict regulations. Through RRD technology, we gave this client and its sales channels access to an intuitive user interface (and mobile-optimized app) for ordering customizable marketing materials. 

Our solution uncomplicated the ordering process because compliance-related business rules were built in, which limited available materials by subcategory within a single platform. Based on user profile data, sales teams could easily order the correct kits, booklets, and brochures for their designated clients. Our facility was printing and custom-assembling upwards of 40,000 kits within two weeks. (See the full case study here.)

If you had to narrow it down to one, what do you consider your facility’s forte?

TH: Veritas has built a solid reputation on getting out critical letters in the lowest of SLAs — predominantly from the financial services industry. Our investment in automation and facility culture are both centered around driving efficiencies, which make this possible.

Today, we have programs that run every four hours — getting critical notifications into the mail stream within 4 hours — and that's kind of another unique, somewhat uncommon capability in the marketplace. We’re set up to turn projects around efficiently; this goes for same-day term projects or even 24- to 48-hour terms. 

That's where our niche has been over the past 10 years, which has become a competitive differentiator.

As business evolves, what role do you see Veritas playing in your clients’ evolution?

TH: So many employers are asking their teams to do more with less. And when we meet with our clients, we’re always thinking about how we can make things more efficient — for both sides. 

As our clients grow and evolve, it's important that they see us as a business resource that does much more than put ink on paper. With a commitment to keeping Veritas a tech-driven facility, we’re positioned to help our clients future-proof their martech requirements without having to make the usual up-front, expensive capital investments.

Are there untapped opportunities to plug into our automation capabilities? Can we optimize their campaigns with better data analytics and on-demand reporting? Should we connect their CRM with our systems to improve their multichannel output?

When clients turn to us for both their print and digital needs, our conversations quickly reveal the value, integrations, and efficiencies we can deliver as a single-source partner.


To learn more about this facility, visit our Veritas Document Solutions location page.


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