Translation Support Meets Challenging Project Deadline | Insurance

12/16/2021 RRD

Translation Support Meets Challenging Project Deadline | Insurance

A team of translators and an automated solution speak the language of efficiency


One of the nation’s leading health insurance companies was in urgent need of translation help. Recent changes in legal requirements mandated that they would need to translate numerous medical documents.

A total of over seven million words needed translation into an array of different languages in just three months. The company had experienced repeated failures with managing translation terminology and could not meet the presented deadlines.


RRD Healthcare Solutions provided language services that included four account managers and project coordinators to meet the challenging project deadline. They led a team of 12 on-site linguists and proofreaders, each with deep managed care experience. Together, they performed a complete analysis of the client’s business parameters and format requirements. The results led to the engineering of a system of corresponding automated document templates.

They also centralized all multilingual digital libraries and assets. It became considerably easier to update, maintain, and distribute content whenever and wherever needed.


In the end, RRD Healthcare Solutions processed 59,000+ pages of documents, totaling over nine million words in just four and a half months. Completion time for individual documents was slashed from three weeks to just five days. That speed allowed the client to achieve all of its CMS filing submission deadline dates for the first time in years.

Additionally, as a result of this efficient and accurate work, RRD’s translation team received the client’s prestigious supplier performance award.

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