Two-Color Variable Messaging Produces Large Lift in Response | Insurance

8/15/2019 RRD

Two-Color Variable Messaging Produces Large Lift in Response | Insurance

Proprietary imaging technology adds personalization, reduces production costs


Producing millions of pieces of direct mail yearly for a variety of products, this large, well-established insurance company — and long-time customer of RRD Marketing Solutions — found success in acquisition campaigns mailing a 9-by-12-inch flat mailer. Despite this success, concerns surfaced regarding production costs related to plate changes and press stops when changing from one product version to another.


In leveraging RRD's patented ProteusJetSM variable print technology, our strategists developed an 11-by-5-inch, data flexible format to test against the insurance marketer's 6-by-12-inch control package. By fully executing variable two-color imaging in a shared template configuration, this insurance company was able to promote benefit information for several different insurance products while saving production and mailing costs.

Now, multiple versions could be produced with completely different creative and content by keeping the same component structure with each version. They were afforded the flexibility to change the information and appearance of the outer mailing envelope and the letter using variable two-color personalization.


Multi-versioned format produced in a single run, all in-line

80% lift in response over control

Hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in postal costs

RRD worked with this insurance marketer to develop a solution that would enable them to reduce production costs by eliminating plate changes and multiple press runs. And, because the variable messaging is powered by our ProteusJet two-color imaging technology — on our own proprietary multi-printer press — this multi-versioned format could now be produced in a single run, all in-line.

By incorporating ProteusJet variable two-color personalization, this new letter-sized concept beat the previous control by an astounding 80% lift in response. This insurance provider was also able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in postal costs by reducing the number of mail strings as well as moving to a letter-sized format from a flat mailer.


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