Marketers: Your Awareness Checklist for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

12/4/2020 Nicole Williams

Marketers: Your Awareness Checklist for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

A “possible vaccine timeline” from The New York Times shows the first phase of access to a COVID-19 vaccination is slated for health care workers and nursing home residents — and it's right around the corner, as “up to 40 million doses could be available to Americans before the end of this year.”

Seize the moment — safely and effectively.
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With viable vaccines on the verge of widespread distribution and use, care providers and associated companies will have an immediate need for swift, efficient mobilization of vaccine-related communications and collateral materials. Is your organization ready? This question might snowball into a few more:

  • Are you planning a COVID vaccination campaign?  If so what elements are you considering?
  • Have you begun the ideation, design and execution of the campaign? Are there elements you still need to solve for? 
  • Do you have available resources/infrastructure to deploy this program? Are there portions of the process you need assistance with?

When vaccine access becomes available, things will move fast. Use this checklist to help identify any gaps in your capabilities or support  in three key areas of marketing and business operations: awareness campaigns, operational needs, and post vaccination support.

Awareness campaigns

✓ Direct mail campaigns geocoded by group (seniors, underlying conditions, teachers, etc.) delivering essential information, e.g., the order of vaccinations, appointment scheduling, importance and efficacy of vaccinations

✓ Digital communications such as PSA-type videos, targeted email campaigns, social media posts, landing pages, banner/web content

✓ Content and creative services for assets in multiple reading levels and languages, and designed for different demographics

✓ Signage, posters and wall-clings for break rooms to drive awareness of upcoming vaccination efforts

✓ Training assets for employees: videos, battle cards, checklists

Operational needs

✓ Signage and wayfinding

✓ Pop-up clinics

✓ Individual in-store vaccination kits — a simple kit including an alcohol wipe, gauze or cotton ball, band-aid — for clinicians administering shots to patients.   

✓ Check-in collateral, including branded pens, clipboards, lanyards, and wristbands

✓ Operational documents and checklists

✓ Point-of-purchase (POP) displays

✓ Temperature labels (warns if vaccine goes out of range)

Post vaccination support

✓ Patient care kits that may include items like a granola bar, alcohol wipe to clean the incision point later, band-aid, instructional information and promotional material 

✓ Stickers patients can wear to show they’ve been vaccinated

✓ Home care tip sheet

✓ Second shot reminder

✓ Proof of vaccination — for consumer and for doctor to enter EHS — with connection to client app

✓ Microsite development to provide access to essential information for the vaccinated (e.g., proof of vaccination, contact info, FAQs)

Missing checkmarks?

Just in case you need it…

RRD has developed an awareness toolkit for COVID-19 distribution — and covers all of the checkboxes above — to ensure you’ll be able to seize the moment, safely and effectively.

Successful vaccination adoption is critical to getting the country reopened and back on track. To learn more about this holistic solution for quick-turn marketing, communication, and operational support, head over to our healthcare page.


Nicole Williams is Director of Go-To-Market Strategy for RRD Healthcare Solutions.



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