Assessment of Print Management Reveals Ample Cost Saving Opportunities | Life Sciences

2/3/2021 RRD

Assessment of Print Management Reveals Ample Cost Saving Opportunities | Life Sciences

RRD’s analysis identifies efficiency gaps and tailors a roadmap for transformative change 


With a freshly architected new-target operating model, a medical device company was seeking guidance for achieving the transition. The model would require new technology and changes to company-wide, print-related communications platforms, workflows, and tools. 

Ultimately, the company needed a partner who could tailor a transition roadmap and develop a change management strategy. 

RRD deployed a team of experts to discover and review this company’s current services architecture, address their most pressing challenges, and create a foundation to achieve their business objectives for the future.  


The target operating model included strategic management for its print suppliers. Based upon collaborative discovery findings and stakeholder interviews, RRD proposed useful, tailored solutions and an implementation roadmap for carrying out recommendations — key examples listed below — for their end-to-end print management needs.

  • A high priority, usage of the company’s storefront web ordering portal to request printed and promotional items was found to be unsatisfactory in its configuration, features, and workflows. RRD recommended new feature-driven technology to centralize print management, control costs, and enhance communications. 
  • The company’s marketing teams were utilizing direct mail, but there were inefficiencies including decentralized workflows. RRD provided a remediation plan that would leverage customized project management software.
  • Various departments generated many purchase order print projects but did not use a uniform workflow for doing so. RRD proposed a new production model to add centralized control and accountability and provide end-to-end print management.
  • The company showed a need for augmenting creative staff amid intensive rebranding efforts. RRD recognized resource constraints and budget scrutiny and recommended leveraging a flexible, outsourced creative staffing model.

Additionally, RRD introduced a new tailored account management and customer support model to include a print procurement specialist, subject matter experts across North America, and a dedicated account management team.

Long term business transformation objectives would require a strong, experienced, and resource-rich implementation transition model. Seasoned professionals with deep expertise were needed to build, test, and execute the transition plan. RRD developed and articulated a pathway to realize partnership benefits.


RRD helped uncover better process improvements, drive more cost savings, and maximize ROI with innovative solutions by joining forces with a qualified partner. Savings analysis and projections included a number of compelling findings:

  • A new EOQ model provides 30% annual cost avoidance, plus lower monthly storage fees and lower obsolescence/scrap fee incursion.
  • Print management by RRD provided competitive triple-bid estimate pricing for sample items. We presented savings opportunities of 14-27% compared to incumbent pricing. 
  • Sample print on demand item savings showed savings from 10-38%, depending on format and quantity.

RRD’s thorough assessment provided the client with a platform for achieving strategic business objectives for the future.  Using spend data provided by the client compared to project operating costs — and leveraging the model RRD recommended — RRD was able to predict potential savings with the assessment.

While cost savings are essential, RRD’s assessment also provided “bigger picture” innovation recommendations that would enable the client to achieve long-term objectives, independent of financial constraints.

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