High Volume Direct Mail Solution Reduces Cycle Time, Lifts Response Rates | Financial Services

9/16/2022 RRD

High Volume Direct Mail Solution Reduces Cycle Time, Lifts Response Rates | Financial Services

RRD’s closed-end mail format solution optimizes process and offsets postage increases for 8MM+ direct mail packages per week


A leading financial services company sought new efficiencies for their high volume direct mail initiatives. Specifically, they aimed to streamline processes and lower cost per piece (CPP) while maintaining current response rates. Additionally, they weren’t satisfied with their existing envelope supplier’s production constraints, which involved a 12-week lead time and a rigid timeline for changing envelope quantities. They were looking for:

  • Reduced cycle time for direct mail from format conception, design, and campaign through to delivery
  • A more flexible and nimble approach to direct mail printing production 
  • More cost-effective postage rates and ways to counter postage increases
  • Increased audience segmentation for mailing offers, including offering personalized rates and dates
  • A partner with expertise in the USPS and in postal optimization for direct mail programming


RRD had been the brand’s trusted forms production partner for over 35 years, leading them to extend the partnership to include direct mail services. A complete end-to-end direct mail solution was developed, addressing the brand’s cost efficiency goals without reducing their response rates. 

Starting with outer envelope design, RRD stepped up the company’s high-volume mail optimization efforts. A new solution replaced three conventional outer envelopes that were similar in size with a universal format for all three existing creatives. The result was a personalized inline direct mail kit — a closed-end format with an outer envelope, letter, and legal inserts — mailed at a rate of eight million pieces per week. 

High personalization — including variable imaging of the mail pieces inline with differing rates and dates — substantially reduced the number of postal strings per campaign. This maximized postage efficiency and reduced mailing costs. 

Additionally, RRD’s efficiency experts partnered with the brand’s internal marketing team to implement ways to decrease lead times and eliminate unnecessary costs.


These implementations increased the brand’s mailing volume, and additional funds saved in the direct mail budget were then applied to supplemental marketing efforts designed to increase response rates. 

Additionally, new flexibility led to a significantly reduced cycle time, providing the ability to read program metrics and apply them as quickly as possible on press. The brand also experienced higher response rates due to nimble audience segmentation. RRD’s direct mail solutions also:

  • Reduced CPP
  • Offset postage increases via strategic postage optimization
  • Maximized postal optimization on press
  • Maintained and increased response rates without adding any costs to the variability of the inline solution

Ultimately, the success of these solutions led to a continued relationship with RRD and further mail campaign collaboration with additional business units.

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