Assessment Transforms Communications Supply Chain | Automotive

8/15/2023 RRD

Assessment Transforms Communications Supply Chain | Automotive

Detailed solution roadmap drives automotive manufacturer to $5.1 million in year-one savings


A leading manufacturer in the automotive industry sought to reduce their overall print costs, but lacked the ability to globally track, manage, or view their aggregate spend. Their decentralized procurement model was creating a lack of brand consistency, standardization and compliance.

As a result, they weren’t able to leverage their combined spend to drive greater cost savings. Insufficient internal production resources and lack of supporting technologies created a heavy reliance on external agencies for digital asset management, translation services, color corrections, and more.


After conducting a comprehensive assessment that included interviews with more than 50 stakeholders, RRD provided a detailed roadmap for an overarching solution and then helped the client implement a full suite of technologies and services that put them in the driver’s seat for their entire communications supply chain.

This solution included:

Print management services. A dedicated team of experienced resources, both on-site and near-site to provide subject matter expertise and act as a collaborative extension of the customer’s team. These resources provided consultative input to drive effective change in a number of areas:

  • Production strategies and scheduling
  • Budget planning and analysis
  • Vendor management
  • Project management
  • Status tracking 
  • Data analysis

Creative design services and enhanced technology. An on-site creative services team provides creative design services while also unifying the efforts of different external agencies and internal stakeholders. To enable open communication and collaboration — for the first time — streamlined project management tools, online proofing capabilities, and a global asset management platform were leveraged. 

Logistics services. Production, warehousing and fulfillment activities are managed on a single integrated platform to provide access to real-time inventory, usage and other tracking data. Dedicated logistics specialists provide postal analytics for all of the mailed materials.


$5.1 million savings in year-one

12% print management savings per year

$6.5 million savings through postage management program

20% cycle time reduction

RRD also ensured compliance with Minority- and Women-owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) spend targets, met or surpassed all KPI goals for five consecutive years, and implemented proper tax payment by state on all direct mail, saving 4% per year.


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