Automated Ordering Solution Improves Inventory Management | Healthcare

12/20/2019 RRD

Automated Ordering Solution Improves Inventory Management | Healthcare

Print management program improves medical group’s inventory control 


With more than a dozen medical clinics to its name, this healthcare system had been relying on multiple vendors (including RRD) to supply their forms, labels and commercial print needs. Additionally, too many employees were creating their own forms and making copies, which prevented standardization and quality control. 

Ultimately, the client wanted each clinic managing its own printed materials while also maintaining overall control of that process through the support of one vendor. An interest had also been expressed in RRD’s ConnectOne Storefront, an e-procurement online ordering system.


RRD met with hospital administrators and determined that ConnectOne Storefront would, in fact, be the best way to allow the autonomy of ordering while also maintaining quality control and tracking. Through ConnectOne Storefront, authorized personnel at each clinic will be able to order forms, labels, stationery, business cards, and commercial print products using their P-card. 

High volume products were still kept in the customer’s warehousing facility to fill orders directly from ConnectOne Storefront. For jobs that require printing, orders would be routed to the closest RRD print facility for processing and then sent directly to the ordering clinic.


Now, as the sole vendor for this client, RRD has provided the clinics in this healthcare system a process for easy ordering while reducing obsolescence and improving inventory management. Through its ConnectOne Storefront implementation, the client is now the benefactor of:

  • A centralized, easy-to-navigate site for ordering  
  • Pre-loaded files that allow users to automatically fill business card orders and other applicable documents 
  • On-screen order status inventory and usage reports


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