Packaging Redesign Boosts Dumpling Daughter’s In-Store Presence | Retail


Packaging Redesign Boosts Dumpling Daughter’s In-Store Presence | Retail

RRD’s packaging expertise provides in-depth analysis and uncover opportunities to improve both carton structure and process efficiency 


Dumpling Daughter is a family-owned, home-style Chinese food company operating multiple quick-serve restaurant locations. The brand is beloved for their rich history of serving authentic menu items. Outside of their regional brick-and-mortar restaurant locations, Dumpling Daughter sells their popular dumplings and buns in independent and conventional grocery markets and through robust e-commerce sales.

Due to a rise in popularity, Dumpling Daughter faced growing pains and subsequent procurement, operations, packaging, and supply chain challenges. Managing these individual functions while rapidly scaling up became unmanageable and resulted in a less-than-ideal representation of their brand. Due to inadequate folding carton structures, lightweight labels, and substrate inconsistencies, the brand sought consistent quality, a streamlined workflow, and process improvements. However, implementing conflicting solutions from multiple sources only led to additional confusion.


Dumpling Daughter entrusted RRD with streamlining their retail and e-commerce folding carton packaging and procurement processes. After conducting a thorough analysis, RRD Packaging subject matter experts provided the following observations and solutions:  

  • Package inserts: RRD recommended a folded card stock to eliminate existing color inconsistencies.
  • Color definition: RRD worked with Dumpling Daughter’s designer to utilize exact Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors to define a consistent color scheme in alignment with brand standards.
  • Labels: RRD suggested replacing lightweight, clear labels with thicker coated label stock to prevent tearing.
  • Best-by dates: RRD recommended a date lot code printer to efficiently apply best-by dates at the time the carton is sealed.
  • Production: RRD recommended improving brand consistency across all cartons by utilizing a coating to protect the printed surface.
  • Carton structure: RRD suggested moving to tuck-top, auto-bottom cartons in order to save on filling labor and costs.


Until they began working with RRD, Dumpling Daughter didn’t realize how much packaging affected their customers’ experience with their brand. RRD’s solutions far exceeded their expectations and provided extensive quality, consistency, and efficiency improvements. Brent Sisco, Executive Director of Dumpling Daughter, said, “Love it. That’s why we turn to experts.”

The first press run was successful and the client was pleased with the results. RRD has since recommended a future transition to a fully-automated filling line and packaging design, which would entail a carton with full overlaps — top and bottom. 

Additionally, Dumpling Daughter’s collaboration with RRD was recognized at the 2022 PICA Awards, where they received a Special Judges Award for Retail-Ready Packaging.

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