Beauty Supply Brand Increases Store Readiness with Turnkey Plan | Retail

9/29/2022 RRD

Beauty Supply Brand Increases Store Readiness with Turnkey Plan | Retail

RRD’s critical overhaul of signage and distribution schedules enhances customer speed to market for over 5,000 beauty supply stores


A large international retailer of beauty supplies — with 5,000 locations and two separate business units — presented an opportunity for RRD to step in and streamline its overall in-store marketing (ISM) processes. 

At the store level, there was a need for complex and variable signage kits containing a significant volume (and variety) of materials that would change month-to-month. Kit contents often included a variety of point-of-sale (POS) signage, shelf-talkers, presentation headers using customized materials, and in-store displays. The signage kit types also vary from store-to-store depending on footprint, floor layout, and multilingual needs. 

Providing an enhanced method for delivering this process would require a strong, experienced partner with a reliable network of resources supported by streamlined retail-focused production capabilities.


RRD presented a turnkey plan to deliver marketing materials in a more streamlined fashion with quicker delivery results to each store. 

RRD’s retail team first addressed the high-level challenges the client was facing by clearly mapping out and clearly understanding their challenges and needs. In collaboration with the client, RRD developed detailed production schedules containing internal milestones to define every step of the process from kick-off through final delivery to each store location. 

The retailer’s shift from leveraging multiple vendors to a centralized source in RRD allowed for streamlined communications and resulted in new production efficiencies with on-time distribution success.

Beyond producing in-store signage materials, kitting, and distributing the variable monthly store boxes, RRD also delivered value by enclosing customized, step-by-step instructions for employees to consult as they unpack and place the materials at their store location.

To satisfy on-demand requests, RRD’s data-driven solutions were utilized to accelerate response time and deliveries. Additionally, the on-site team we put in place were available for immediate consulting and long-term strategic planning.


Through a consultative and collaborative approach with this client, improved speed-to-market and on-time delivery of monthly in-store marketing materials was achieved. 

Since 2018, RRD’s Kirk Road facility has managed this client’s needs with enduring efficiency. Additional results from RRD’s solution set include:

  • Improved AGS translation turn times from five days to three days (at no additional cost to the client)
  • Complete inventory management of over 3,800 SKUs, with regular receipt of new items, timely discard process, inclusion in monthly kitting, and overall item oversight
  • Nimble response to recent changes to bilingual signage resulting in a one-week turn time for: updating 60 total items for a box, mid-production; reshipping the prior month’s box items to 86 locations, totaling 2,256 items; and shipping a door cling with corrected Spanish translation to 900+ stores
  • Support of new stores and changes involving 220+ different items, including swatch sets, which continue to grow in number (currently 1,200+) 

By managing the full scope of ISM services, RRD’s Signage and Displays group also eliminated communication gaps between multiple production departments and coordinating facilities, which has resulted in consistent, successful monthly store box execution.

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