Digimag® Transforms Car Maker's Brochure into Interactive Experience | Automotive

9/21/2022 RRD

Digimag® Transforms Car Maker's Brochure into Interactive Experience | Automotive

RRD's responsive platform turns static marketing collateral into immersive resource for car buyers


Consumers typically spend more than nine hours online researching vehicles on their path to purchasing a new car, according to research from Cox Automotive.

To meet car buyers where their research happens, one major auto manufacturer decided it was time to rethink its approach to the static digital brochure.


To initiate a solution, RRD activated Digimag® by RRD, which is device-agnostic, responsive, and engineered to seamlessly transform static PDFs into interactive experiences. In this particular case, as an execution partner, RRD created two turnkey solutions — a product Digimag and custom microsite — to support the unveiling of select new model launches.

These parallel solutions adhered to the client’s brand guidelines and accommodated the manufacturer’s need for an evolving and expanding brochure — as specs, trim levels, options, and additional product imagery became available leading up to the launch of a new model.

Specific to the custom microsite development, RRD also incorporated a signature element of the brand as a critical component to the navigation bar. This brand-forward, interactive design cue is responsive across multiple devices, in multiple resolutions. 


RRD’s progression from PDF to Digimag to custom microsites delivered this client everything they were missing from their static approach:

  • Accessibility compliance
  • Super functionality
  • Real-time feedback and analytics
  • Engaging brand experience

In 2020, this client’s brochures went completely paperless with RRD’s support. Additional performance highlights from 2020 include:

  • 2.35 million Digimag brochure visits
  • Average time per brochure visit was 9.3 minutes
  • 18 million microsite pageviews
  • 53,000 clicks requesting more information

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