Darren Hardy Elevates Client Experience with Complementary Course Takeaways


Darren Hardy Elevates Client Experience with Complementary Course Takeaways

Partnership with RRD produces high-end books, journals, and unboxing experiences


Darren Hardy, a well-known success mentor and CEO advisor, is devoted to helping business owners and entrepreneurs develop their personal success and company brands. In addition to offering a variety of tailored training programs and intensive virtual events, Darren Hardy has published a number of retail books. Reaching worldwide shelves in a hardcover format, the books feature a classically designed dust jacket. 

While Darren Hardy had previously published books for the retail environment, the brand had recently begun creating specialized books, journals, and resources to complement premium program experiences. To align with the elevated brand and reach a more targeted audience, Darren Hardy sought a partner who could help identify unique substrates and materials. They ultimately aimed to showcase the new course content with elegant finishes in order to complete their vision and client experience. Darren Hardy turned to RRD.


RRD’s first project with Darren Hardy was to develop a guidebook for participants in The Hero's Journey program, a year-long epic growth adventure in becoming a modern leader. Darren Hardy’s vision was to align the guidebook’s value with their client’s investment in their future success.

RRD and Darren Hardy representatives collaborated to explore a variety of specialty finishes that would elevate the guidebook’s design. RRD’s vast array of material options and finishing equipment made the sky the limit. By taking the time to fully understand Darren Hardy’s objectives and interests up front, the RRD sales team was able to provide guidance and craft solutions using relevant materials.

The finished product was a beautiful, full-color, oversized coffee table-style book with a spot UV coating to preserve print quality over time and an embossed hardcover with foil accents. The high-end finishes delivered on Darren Hardy’s goals and resulted in a product that complimented both the brand promise and the clients’ inspirational reading experience.

Since the initial partnership, RRD has brought more than six books to life, supporting various Darren Hardy offerings. In addition to complimentary program guidebooks, RRD has produced numerous workbooks, take-along journals, and seven direct mail pieces.

RRD has also expanded the line to include specialty boxes and packaging for Darren Hardy. As with all of RRD’s packaging work, the goal is to create a takeaway the client loves and keeps that reinforces the brand beyond the initial experience. The RRD design team has collaborated with Darren Hardy’s team to strategize, print, and produce rigid specialty boxes that delight and surprise clients while upholding Darren Hardy’s brand and color standards with next-level quality materials and components.

In one such project, a small list of recipients was presented with a preloaded membership card in a specialty package for use in a future Darren Hardy program or event. The final packaging created a highly memorable unboxing experience that left a lasting impression with high perceived value.


The RRD and Darren Hardy partnership continues to produce beautiful, high-end materials to support the brand and its consumer offerings. 

“As we evaluated print vendors, the RRD team took the time to talk through our project, ran through all of the options, and provided all of the necessary information we would need to help us make the right decision,” said Maisie Rubin, Darren Hardy’s Director of eCommerce. 

“The local rep team was always within reach and was there every step of the way to share their expertise, meet our timeline, and keep the project within our budget. Since that initial project, we have now introduced a printed item with almost all of our programs or events, strictly using RRD as our print partner.”  

Additional highlights include:

  • Produced materials for more than eight unique programs or events
  • Unique, memorable unboxing experiences to leave a lasting impression on recipients
  • Cost savings achieved by leveraging RRD’s global network 
  • Beautiful brand materials with numerous high-end finishes, including:
    • UV coating
    • Foil accents
    • Embossed/debossed hard covers
    • Thick paper stocks
    • Gilded edges
    • Unique materials with a tactile feel

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