Unique RFID Label Pair Streamlines Inventory Tracking, Reduces Errors | Retail

2/3/2023 RRD

Unique RFID Label Pair Streamlines Inventory Tracking, Reduces Errors | Retail

RRD’s Label Solutions design and manufacture custom RFID label pair, optimizing global retailer’s inventory monitoring processes 


A global athletic and casual apparel manufacturer and retailer encountered challenges with meeting their unique needs for radio frequency identification (RFID) label inventory monitoring. RFID labels rely on the use of radio frequency waves to transfer data and identify objects without a line of sight.

The brand utilized the technology frequently for both inventory control and for visibility throughout their supply chain. Their unique approach to case-level tracking throughout the supply chain required a custom pair of labels — one with RFID and one without. 

Ultimately, the brand’s existing supplier could not provide the desired end result. They sought a reliable manufacturer who could produce the innovative pair of labels and help streamline supply chain monitoring.


The brand called on RRD Label Solutions to replace existing processes. Working closely with the brand’s internal engineering team, RRD developed, printed, and encoded custom label pairs — one RFID label and one traditional label — according to the client’s requirements. 

RRD initially produced the label pair side-by-side instead of one-across, increasing accuracy and ensuring the correct pairs would remain together. As RRD learned more about the brand’s ultimate objectives, they developed and deployed a streamlined process that replaced the paired labels with one label that served a dual purpose.


RRD’s custom RFID label solution provided a substantial reduction in inventory errors, with the side-by-side layout mitigating the issue of shipping carton label pairs getting mixed up. Additional outcomes included:

  • Increased inventory visibility and inventory tracking accuracy
  • Case-level RFID tracking
  • Increased efficiency of product movement
  • Decreased risk of inventory surplus

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