Global Big Box Brand Gains Necessary Support to Transition Suppliers to RFID Labels | Retail

2/6/2023 RRD

Global Big Box Brand Gains Necessary Support to Transition Suppliers to RFID Labels | Retail

RRD’s Label Solutions division supports Fortune 500 retailer’s mandated update to RFID labeling 


A big box retailer with a massive global footprint mandated that suppliers become compliant with radio-frequency identification (RFID) labels. Transitioning to RFID labels — labels that rely on the use of radio frequency waves to transfer data, track and identify assets, and monitor supply chain activity — presented cost and time challenges to the suppliers.

The retailer and its suppliers sought a trusted RFID manufacturer to help support this mandate with little to no disruption to their current labeling process.


RRD Label Solutions developed and manufactured compliant RFID labels in adherence to the mandate. Because the RFID label requirements are defined by the retailer, there was little room for innovation. However, RRD was able to deliver RFID manufacturing experience, a quality product, and timely delivery. As more and more suppliers integrate RFID technology into their existing decorative — or prime — labels, these vendor capabilities will only become more critical. 

Several suppliers initially looking to other label vendors soon realized that high-quality RFID manufacturing experience was critical in order to ensure compliance, and called upon RRD Label Solutions as well.


RRD helped the suppliers successfully convert to RFID labeling and conform with the retailer’s mandate. This integrated, short-term solution led to fully compliant RFID labeling and set a standard that other client departments are replicating internally. Benefits include:

  • Improved inventory accuracy within the retailer’s stores and for e-commerce product availability
  • Increased supplier visibility and accuracy, as well as ROI from shipping and picking accuracy improvements 

While this mandate was specifically for one retailer, participating suppliers will likely see the inherent benefits of RFID labels, and be able to replicate the deployment across other products.


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