Thermal Printing Solves Label Process Problems | Manufacturing

3/27/2020 RRD

Thermal Printing Solves Label Process Problems | Manufacturing

Completely integrated solution meets UV ink manufacturer's labeling requirements


A manufacturer of ultra-violet (UV) inks with five locations throughout the continental United States used three different sizes for its ink containers. Their previous label supplier provided them with a single-size impact-printed label with permanent adhesive that identified the color of ink in each container. 

RRD performed a process review and discovered the manufacturer’s current labels caused a number of complications: 

  • The labels had square corners that made it difficult to apply by hand. 
  • The solvent used to clean the spilled ink on the labels would remove both the label and the variable imaged information on it. 
  • Removal of the labels prior to recycling the ink container proved extremely difficult. 


RRD designed an attractive direct thermal label that featured a full varnish overcoat (for label protection) and rounded corners (for easier application). In order to achieve all the colors the client wanted, RRD’s label plant combined process color with Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors for a professional look consistent with the customer's image. 

RRD then recommended wide-throat direct thermal printers and labeling software to generate the variable information on the labels. The direct thermal printing process burns the variable data into the label material, so that a cleaning solvent cannot remove or smudge the information.


The client was impressed with the completely integrated solution RRD proposed that included variably imaged print (VIP) labels, labeling software, printers and applicators — meet all of the client’s requirements. The manufacturer placed an order for 465 million labels in three different sizes, two thermal printers, and labeling software. 

Additionally, RRD printed the labels with UV Flexo inks supplied by this manufacturer to ensure the label not only identified the product but demonstrated its performance as well.


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