NFC Label Streamlines Collectible Company’s Inventory Management, Security | Retail

2/6/2023 RRD

NFC Label Streamlines Collectible Company’s Inventory Management, Security | Retail

RRD’s Label Solutions division develops best-in-class RFID, NFC-enabled labels to support security and authentication initiatives 


A leading collectible grading company — evaluating the worth of sports memorabilia, coins, and other materials — sought a means to incorporate near field communication (NFC) technology into their labels. NFC label tags enable information storage and data transfer between other NFC-enabled devices, and offer the potential to streamline the company’s collectible labeling and data management process. 

In addition to creating labels with NFC functionality, they desired security elements and other authentication features to be added as well, creating a path for a fully integrated label that could evolve and scale as the company grew.
However, after working with several label vendors to develop a finished product, the company still lacked the fully integrated label they desired. 


Due to an existing relationship with RRD Packaging Solutions, the company called upon RRD Label Solutions to deliver the desired label. RRD worked closely with the company’s operations executives in developing a solution, and ultimately was the sole supplier able to provide a fully integrated label with all of the desired features. 

The resulting RFID label combined an NFC inlay for consumer engagement, a security icon for internal staff authentication, and the ability to print both fixed and variable information about the collectible. The solution was also provided at a reasonable cost to the client.


The secure, NFC-enabled label was launched throughout the company. As part of an ongoing, collaborative relationship, RRD and the company make continual adjustments to the feature-rich label to ensure the label addresses current business needs and is as streamlined as possible.

Benefits include:

  • Increased consumer engagement via each collectible’s label
  • Increased security, including staff authentication
  • Printing feasibility for both fixed and variable collectible information
  • Improved inventory tracking and control


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