Patented Mock Case Wall Solution Bolsters Beverage Giant’s In-Store Presence | Retail

2/10/2023 RRD

Patented Mock Case Wall Solution Bolsters Beverage Giant’s In-Store Presence | Retail

RRD addresses global brand’s retail display cost and liability concerns during key buying periods 


A leading marketing services provider representing a suite of global beverage brands faced difficulty showcasing beverage products during key buying seasons at the retail level. An attempt to utilize case walls to create exciting visual merchandising during key periods — such as football season and the holiday season — left the company with time and safety concerns. 

Utilizing actual 12-pack product cases to build the display created a difficult and lengthy assembly process. Additionally, as consumers removed the cases to purchase them, the display lost its intended presentation value and became unsteady. This created not only a potential hazard for consumers, but a liability issue should the display collapse.


RRD's signage and display experts developed and built a “mock case wall” display in place of the current live case display. Constructed out of litho laminated B-flute corrugated, the mock case wall eliminated the use of actual 12-pack cases.

RRD received a patent for its unique approach to mock wall displays — U.S. Patent # 11,451,754 titled "Display and Method of Constructing Same." The updated structure was also packed flat for the retailer, resulting in an easy assembly taking only a few minutes. 


The implementation of RRD’s patented mock case wall eliminated liability concerns from the risk of a wall collapse. It also provided these additional benefits:

  • Significant installation time and labor savings for store or beverage personnel by eliminating the need to build walls case-by-case
  • Simplified and redirected customer product selection to the shelf location
  • Client cost savings resulting from not using live product to build the case wall
  • Increased client merchandising real estate by enhancing the flat surface of the mock wall with lug-on signage accessories

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