Distribution Center Benefits From Linerless, Pre-Printed Labels | Retail

3/30/2022 RRD

Distribution Center Benefits From Linerless, Pre-Printed Labels | Retail

Shipping label solution eliminates retailer’s concern about installing multiple printers 


A national retailer distributed its merchandise through 14 regional distribution centers, each shipping to approximately 85 stores in their territory. These centers primarily receive product, price it, and ship it to one of their stores. 

The client needed to print labels on-demand at each of these locations but did not want to install multiple printers in each of the distribution centers in order to accomplish this. They preferred a pre-printed solution that provided accurate information and scannable barcodes. 


Example of shipping labelThe RRD team offered a linerless solution for this application. The variable imaged, pre-printed shipping label has a dual purpose: 

  1. The small barcode identifies the ship-to store only.
  2. The secondary, larger barcode placed below it identifies the product as shipping from the client, the unit it is shipping to, and a five-digit consecutive number that is used for tracking the package. 

Each label is unique. After the distribution employee prices an item, they place it in a shipping carton. The appropriate linerless pre-addressed label is then applied to the box, ensuring accurate address and tracking information. The employees scan the items in the box as well as the shipping label, creating an internal tracking system, linking the items in the box to the number on the shipping label.


Because the label is linerless, there is no liner left on the floor of the distribution center, reducing clutter, waste, and safety hazards. RRD’s linerless label solution has provided more labels per roll, and reduces inventory and freight for the client.

The employees can move freely throughout the warehouse with the rolls of labels, simply removing the appropriate address label as required. Labels are pre-printed with all shipping/tracking information, the possibility of incorrect addressing is eliminated, reducing costly returns and lost packages.


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