Innovative Label Redesign Fuels Beverage Company’s Expansion | Grocery


Innovative Label Redesign Fuels Beverage Company’s Expansion | Grocery

RRD’s advanced labeling solution supports growth, enhances sustainability for organic beverage leader


An emerging company in the organic, sustainable beverage market faced challenges during a moment of growth. Transitioning to new bottle sizes to accommodate retail partners — such as gas station convenience stores — meant rethinking their label design to match the new size and to maintain brand consistency across expanding markets. The company was currently distributing their product in the glass bottles on the West Coast and in select regions, but aimed to nationalize this presence. They sought a reliable, growth-oriented label supplier as they faced challenges with their current supplier's capacity to support scaling demand.


RRD’s Labels Solutions was selected for their proven track record and competitive pricing. Additionally, the decision was also influenced by RRD's ability to foster future product development partnerships. Working closely with internal client teams, RRD deployed a comprehensive manufacturing solution to support the company’s goals.

RRD’s GO Creative team designed new label die lines for the smaller bottles, a task the client's creative agency could not fulfill. Utilizing an RRD plant specialized in cut and stack labels not only provided cost savings, but also aligned with the company’s sustainability values —  relocating manufacturing closer to the point of use and resulting in reduced transportation emissions.


RRD’s consultative support helped the client launch an enhanced product line featuring seven distinct flavors in early 2024, meeting production deadlines and expansion objectives. This successful partnership will continue to support the company’s growth and sustainability goals as they continue to scale operations.

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