Multi-Location Manufacturing Offers Big Advantage to Packaging Fulfillment | CPG

9/21/2020 RRD

Multi-Location Manufacturing Offers Big Advantage to Packaging Fulfillment | CPG

Growing private label prepared foods company benefits from RRD’s flexible production capabilities 


A national provider of fresh, quality-made prepared food products needed product labels and packaging sleeves to serve their end customers at all point-of-sale locations, which happened to be some of the top grocery retailers in the U.S. 

With a variety of ready-meal entrees and sides spanning a wide range of cuisines, there are over 100 active SKUs and 20 different structures designed for private label manufacturing. The prepared foods provider was seeking a packaging partner who could :

  • Execute a hybrid approach to order fulfillment with production based on forecast
  • Effectively manage production when an unexpected demand occurs 


RRD’s multi-location manufacturing capability offered a big advantage to this packaging fulfillment, providing a flexible production schedule, maintaining the established minimum order quantity, an option for near-site production, plus warehousing and distribution. 

We were able to provide a cost effective solution and meet the service requirements for the client’s four regional North American locations. To manage the program complexity, our client services team leveraged RRD’s proprietary supply chain technology to manage:

  • Specifications and versions
  • Packaging components
  • Production status 
  • Shipment tracking
  • Routine reporting

Additionally, as part of this solution, our creative design team helped update the client’s library of art files and recreated nutritional panels to ensure compliance with the then changing regulatory standards.

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