Outsourcing Eases Supply Chain Strain for Critical Invoice Labels | Retail

3/16/2023 RRD

Outsourcing Eases Supply Chain Strain for Critical Invoice Labels | Retail

RRD’s label experts take over manufacturing and distribution, improving production workflow and avoiding store closings


A leading national office supply retailer faced inefficiencies sourcing form labels for invoices. Without adequate inventory, the company’s retail partners faced large-scale business disruptions.

Lacking sufficient internal resources, the company sought an external partner to manufacture and warehouse the labels. However, having previously experienced inconsistencies with label solutions, they needed a reliable, experienced supplier to meet demand and avoid interruption of business-critical processes.


The retailer turned to RRD Labels Solutions for help. Alongside the brand’s key corporate contacts and supply chain manager, RRD recommended and implemented updated processes to mitigate their challenges. RRD took over the label manufacturing and warehousing process and began distributing to the retailer’s customers throughout the country based on demand.

Leveraging a comprehensive network of resources, RRD was able to source an adequate amount of material to produce quarterly label orders on time — and to completion. Securing both paper and press time allowed for complete order fulfillment based on quarterly forecasts.


Now that label manufacturing and warehousing are outsourced to RRD, the client was able to increase its focus on other business-critical functions. The solution also provided:

  • On-time product delivery 
  • Complete order fulfillment
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced waste due to order fulfillment based on forecasting
  • Reduced threat of store closings due to lack of inventory

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