Label Program Optimized to Improve Inventory Accuracy, Availability | Retail

3/16/2023 RRD

Label Program Optimized to Improve Inventory Accuracy, Availability | Retail

RRD’s label experts help leading U.S. retailer reduce product lead times, improve availability for key store programming


A leading domestic merchandise retailer with hundreds of locations across the U.S. faced disruptions in its label manufacturing process. With their incumbent supplier, the retailer experienced long lead times and inadequate product availability, ultimately leading to gaps in service.

The retailer sought a reliable external partner who could ensure fully stocked label inventory — particularly for their “buy online, pick up in store” (BOPIS) program — and provide inventory management and forecasting assistance.


The retailer called upon RRD Labels Solutions for help. With dependable access to materials and best-in-class industry expertise, RRD worked with the store’s purchasing, supply chain, and warehouse management teams to develop a consistent label solution. RRD kept the retailer’s existing labels program running while awaiting product, so there was no downtime upon implementation.

Using projected forecasts to plan order quantities for current and future orders, RRD took over the label production and warehousing processes for the retailer. RRD’s network of facilities and material suppliers ensure they have enough labels on hand, and stock levels are adjusted to support the quantities needed, reducing waste.


Through the following outcomes, RRD’s label solution allowed the retailer to focus on core business functions:

  •  Reduced business and service disruptions
  • Outsourced warehousing and production,
  • Increased inventory accuracy
  • Increased product availability
  • Decreased lead times

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