Vendor Consolidation Transforms Branch's Merchandising Program | Financial Services

10/1/2020 RRD

Vendor Consolidation Transforms Branch's Merchandising Program | Financial Services

RRD’s on-site manager and technology expertise lead to a successful ongoing steady-state 


As retail banks continue to go through major transformations to focus on added value services within the physical branch environment, redesigns and refreshes are essential.

An established national consumer and commercial retail bank asked RRD to help them gain better control over their branch merchandising program across 2,000+ locations nationwide. After an extended period of status quo, this bank recognized that in order to achieve cost savings and increase efficiencies in today’s fast-paced world, it needed to also increase process improvement through innovation. 

RRD was tasked to help the bank not only meet these objectives, but to raise the standards of overall execution — without disrupting their existing project schedule. More specifically, RRD was tasked with:

  • Ensuring a smooth transition from the incumbent provider to RRD
  • Consolidating disparate vendors for managing in-store marketing materials and installation at new branch openings
  • Creating an inventory storage solution  


A partnership between the client and RRD’s implementation team resulted in a smooth transition to an improved workflow via RRD’s client-facing, dedicated dashboard. Our overall solution for the bank was composed of three major components:

1. RRD’s proprietary system managed and tracked installation projects, orders, and fulfillment for new business. We also developed an online resource to provide instant installation photos and feedback.

2. Physical inventory SKUs were transferred into RRD warehousing for flexible fulfillment requirements without any disruption to daily business. We implemented a new inventory and SKU management system, which both united and simplified disparate reporting methods.

3. RRD hired and trained an on-site manager dedicated to the branch merchandising program. As a result, we were able to work alongside the client’s marketing and real estate services to provide effective communication, professionalism, and dedication.


The entire transition occurred over the course of just three months and included on-site discovery workshops and help from RRD’s data analysts.

Whereas the client had previously struggled to control both process and quality while using multiple vendors and installers, RRD’s under-one-roof strategy united in-store marketing signage and materials under one banner. Ultimately, this provided greater control, visibility, and reporting of project progression, roadblocks, mitigation, and completion.

Fast forward nearly two years into this relationship, our executive sponsor for the client had this to say:

"RRD has been an outstanding partner in support of our branch merchandising program. In the nearly two years we have worked together, RRD's expertise, flexibility, and innovation in managing our 200+ unique, complex, annual projects per year has ensured quality execution of each effort from inception to execution."


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