Smoking Cessation Program Executes Rapid Roll Out | Healthcare

9/28/2020 RRD

Smoking Cessation Program Executes Rapid Roll Out | Healthcare

Healthcare company achieves 100% on-time shipping via time-sensitive solution 


One of the world’s leading managed healthcare companies offers a smoking cessation program, which they wanted to roll out in a time-sensitive fashion. Having recently purchased a company that ran a parallel cessation program, the goal was to roll out this program under the branding of their own healthcare services division. 

The smoking cessation plan involved the delivery of a package containing gum, lozenges, and patches — each available in a number of flavors and strengths. The package would be shipped directly to consumers who signed up for the plan through their healthcare providers.

For the smoking cessation program to be a success, the healthcare company needed a kitting and fulfillment solution that helped them meet their own customers’ expectations. They required the following services:

  • Rapid, time-sensitive roll out
  • All packages to be quality inspected
  • Expiry date tracking
  • Same day shipping
  • Returns processing  


RRD developed a direct-to-consumer solution — fulfilling thousands of orders per day. Incorporating extensive electronic data interchange (EDI) connectivity, new smoking cessation package orders were seamlessly transmitted to RRD’s systems. 

Then, using our 100% quality-inspected, build-to-order pack-out station, each package is weighed and the appropriate shipper label attached. Depending on the weight, packages will be shipped through either United States Postal Service or UPS. Each package is delivered to the consumer within two (2) working days to meet on-time shipping key performance indicators (KPIs) set by RRD’s customer. 

The returns process is also handled by RRD. Depending on the number of days elapsed before the return, RRD will either return the items to inventory or else dispose of the out of date items.


To minimize returns, RRD scrubbed the addresses of each new order every day —  addresses are matched against the National Change of Address (NCOA) database to ensure accuracy. RRD’s solution also yielded:

  • A full track and trace system for each product
  • Detailed shipping reporting 
  • 100% on time shipping
  • An option to flag orders for expedited next day delivery


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