High-Profile Jeweler Slashes Print Spend, Increases Efficiency | Retail

1/12/2021 RRD

High-Profile Jeweler Slashes Print Spend, Increases Efficiency | Retail

RRD’s integrated purchasing tool provides greater control of overall print process management 


A large U.S. jewelry retailer was seeking solutions for driving down costs and increasing overall efficiency. They wanted to consolidate their multiple vendors and regain greater visibility into their print spend while maintaining consistent, optimal turn-times.

To realize cost savings, the retailer needed to improve on:

  • Collective decision-making and buying
  • Tracking transparency into print projects
  • Development of a systemic approval process  


RRD, through its strategic partnership with Coupa, introduced a more automated and integrated approach for managing products in outlying distribution centers and retail store locations. RRD also took over management of direct mail, commercial print, packaging, labels, and third party items.

We provided technology that eliminates touchpoints and enables visibility into the client’s print spend. Better visibility enables their marketing team to have more control over delivering a consistent, on-brand end customer experience. The program leverages a purchasing tool that gives end-users the ability to order and pay for all products needed.


“We were starting a complete 180 on our systemic supply chain from start to finish when we met RRD,” explains the client’s integration manager. “While we were transitioning more than half of our cataloged items to RRD, the (RRD) team made the process look seamless on their end.” 

Through this more automated, integrated approach, the client is positioned to gain a number of print efficiencies, including:

  • Automatically generated POs from end-users
  • Direct ingestion of orders into RRD’s system
  • Managed obsolescence
  • Consistent, on-brand printed assets
  • Immediate cost savings (over 20%)

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