Leading Sweet Treat Brand Cleverly Conceals Shipping Pallets In-Store | Retail

8/3/2022 RRD

Leading Sweet Treat Brand Cleverly Conceals Shipping Pallets In-Store | Retail

Linerless label pallet skirts meet the requirement for vendor’s floor displays


During a meeting with a major candy and grocery goods manufacturer to explore RRD’s label capabilities, the client shared a new requirement from a key customer: all shipping pallets containing their product would have to be concealed on the retail floor.

This challenge led to a discussion about possible solutions within the labels group. Their customer's physical retail environment posed some unique circumstances to consider:

  1. Since the pallets are subjected to run-ins with floor cleaning machines (and shopping carts), any material applied to the pallet would have to hold up to moisture from cleaning products.
  2. The concealment labels had to be easy for sales reps to transport, carry, and apply to the pallets on-site.

Since RRD offers many unique label solutions to challenges found in manufacturing and retail vertical segments, a solution was not far out of reach.


RRD’s label experts, together with the client, chose a polypropylene face stock with patterned adhesive to conceal the lower, visible part of a pallet. Test rolls of this pallet skirt, printed in three different colors depending on the merchandising season, were sent to the client for internal usage and durability testing and, ultimately, approval. 

The field reps found the linerless label pallet wrap to be easy to use due to:

  • More labels per roll enhanced productivity
  • Application was faster than a traditional label
  • There was no liner to discard (both a safety and environmental advantage)

The linerless pallet wrap labels solved the vendor’s technical and visual merchandising problem. This also opened the door for future collaboration on other point-of-purchase needs. 

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